Tuesday, April 27

EXP2: The Black Box

I particularly like this slide from the Black Box lecture specifically because of the image's obscurity. In the video linked in the following slide, the artist creates a progression of each square starting from the top left hand corner to the bottom right. The connection between each second demonstrates how the sketches flow (or don't flow) from one to another.

Each square displays the wide range of black and white tones. Compared to my 36 texture tones which attempts to experiment with light and shadows, its inspiring to see the control and gradients displayed there. Looking at 1a, even the simple vertical strokes have darker lighter tones.

The geometric shapes in the image relates back to the axonometric drawings we've been doing. It shows the great depth and detail these simple drawings can be developed into. It became my source of motivation; to be able to produce something of that level in the future.

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