Wednesday, May 12

EXP3: Clients: Angela Merkel, Miranda Kerr, Helen Keller

Keller Merkel Kerr

A symbol of indomitable human spirit. A motivational guide encouraging young women to feel good about themselves and feel encouraged; encourage each woman to appreciate her own beauty. I run against the edge of hidden obstacles, to climb higher and begin to see widening horizons. Powerful enough to lead the country. and not continually compare herself to others. Barriers in time could be swept away.

-Triumph Out of Tragedy, Alden Whitman, New York Times, June 2 1968
-Miranda's Kerr-Ching! factor, Melissa Field, October 08, 2009
-Angela Merkel, May 21, 2010

Saturday, May 8

Thursday, April 29

EXP2: 'Fraps' Screenshot NO.2 from Crysis w/ textures

"Three dimensions seems to be the minimum for life. A living being in two dimensions is too difficult to exist."
Imagine the laboratory in 2D. There would be no laboratory and no meeting place.

The 3 dimensional models construct what was purely from imagination.

The differentiating tones of the three textures help emphasise the model's 3D effect.

"It is the struggle to adapt to the environment which ensures the survival of the fittest."
The laboratory is positioned to adapt to it's environment. The model fits into the landforms so a ramp and meeting place is formed.